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Language of education: English French
Language of education: English French

Why choose Vatel?

1st Worldwide Business School Group in Hospitality and Tourism Management, yet family-run, Vatel has more than 50 campuses in more than 30 countries.

At Vatel, the Marco Polo program allows you to spend the 2nd year and 3rd year on another Vatel campus to choose from more than 50 destinations. It is a cultural, linguistic, and educational enrichment, in complete safety.

50% of teaching is devoted to experimentation. “You never understand so well as when you experiment yourself!” This precept underpins Vatel’s teaching philosophy. And it’s more than words: it translates tangibly into experimentation in our practical training facilities, alternating with theoretical classes

45,000 alumni proudly bear the name of Vateliens and hold positions of responsibility all over the world. Some advice, a recommendation, an internship, a job offer ... It is reassuring for Vatel students to know that they can count on a solid alumni network.

100% of Vatel alumni are employed within a year of graduation. With its vast network in the hospitality and tourism industry, Vatel assists its students with internship placements around the world which often lead to full time employment.

Going abroad for studies is always a big decision. Vatel has been welcoming international students to Europe for the past 20 years. We know the needs of foreign students and have been assisting them every step of the way right from when they ask for a brochure. We will assist you with the administrative formalities here (residence card, opening of bank account, students’ insurance, etc.)